Brendan Norris

I'm a hopelessly impractical person. I'm building Fixable for people like me: not enough time, knowledge or skills to fix things themselves. Ok so it's more about knowledge and skills for me, but let's not harp on it. 

I have a firm dislike of senseless waste, of wastefulness in general. It used to make me feel angry and helpless, so I just decided I'd do something rather than get angry. Or maybe I'll still get angry, but now it's backed up by action.

I like the idea of "slow living" and essentialism. I try to remind myself often to adhere to them, but am not always successful. I like the idea of craftsmen taking time to create beautiful, functional things that last forever and wish I had the skill and patience to do that. Maybe one day. 


Artur Panus

I'm an audio-video designer living and working in Melbourne. I was born 30 years ago in Cracow, Poland but feel more at home now in Melbourne. 

As a child I was curious to find out how everything worked so my toys were always taken apart.

I launched my career in Poland where I began my specialisation in multimedia exhibitions and museum design. I've done a lot of other things as well.

I believe that if we are smart enough to travel to the moon, we should be thoughtful enough to take care of our planet. I miss the times when products were created by craftsmen and had souls.

When not working, I spend time fixing vintage bicycles for my friends. Actually I fix a lot of different things. I don't do idle well.

I'm a big dog lover, storyteller and dreamer.