How Fixable Works

Fixable is (or soon will be) a location-based, online marketplace that connects people who need things fixed with people nearby who are great at fixing things.

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The Big Picture

We want to make getting something fixed as easy as throwing it away, so that using Fixable becomes a no-brainer. To achieve this, we first need to do one vital thing:

Recruit fixers with as many different skills as possible in as many locations as possible.

That way, anyone anywhere with something broken can get it fixed conveniently and cheaply - our end goal. The more fixers Fixable has, the more useful it will be, the more users it will attract, and the more work for our fixers there will be. So please sign up as a fixer and spread the word!


Where fixable operates

We are starting in Melbourne and Victoria and will then spread throughout Australia. Please register now no matter where you are based as we may be able to connect you to a fixer or customer before we "officially" launch in your area.

While in the end Fixable is a consumer platform, we have an early focus on schools, hotels and other large organisations that have a high volume of repair jobs, so we'd love to hear from you if this is you.


How the Platform Will Work

Simply put, this is how Fixable will work:

1. A user posts a repair job on with photos and/or video of the item and a description of what's wrong.
2. Fixers nearby who have the required skills are notified and quote for the job.
3. The user selects a fixer based on experience, skills, user reviews, price and time.
4. The fixer completes the job and is paid via the platform.
5. Lastly the user posts a review of the fixer.